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The biggest Non-Weapon System Expo

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Non-Weapon System Expo

It is a business platform that can contribute to improving the quality of life of soldiers, military technologies, combat training systems, and smart military facility industries, and strengthening domestic companies’ global expansion capabilities.
*What is Smart Military industry Innovation?

The military’s core strategy to foster elite strong forces by maximizing combat capabilities and improving the morale and welfare of soldiers
by utilizing the advanced technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Title DX KOREA KOMI 2022 (Non-weapon System Expo)

Date Sep. 21st– 25th. 2022/ 5 days

Venue KINTEX Hall 9

Host/Organizer    Association of the Republic of Korea Army, Korea Military Industry Federation

Secretariat    Messe Essang

Support    Ministry of National Defense, Army Headquarters, Army logistics command, Navy Headquarters, Air Force Headquarters Ministry of Trade and Industry, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality , KOTRA, National Research Council of Science & Technology, Korea Food Industry Association Korea Federation of Textile Industries

It focuses on products and technologies
that are the core themes of smart military industry innovation.
Improving the quality of life of soldiers
Improvement of welfare and service conditions to encourage soldiers
Combat food, Combat clothes, Medical, Health care, Outdoor, Funiture, Camping, etc
Advanced military industry technology (Smart Tech)
Promotion of technology development and military application through mutual cooperation in major technical fields of the 4th Industrial Revolution
Drones, UAM, Autonomous driving, Robots, EV Warrior Platforms, 5G, Components, Server etc.

Battle training system
(LVC Live)
In order to overcome the time and space constraints of the combat training environment
VR/AR, LVC Live, Scientific Training Course, Combat simulation training, etc
Smart military facility
productivity improvement of defense operation using advanced technology.
ICT, AI, IoT, construction, 3D Printing construction, Security systems, ESS, etc.
전시구성 및 품목
DX KOKREA 전력지원체계 전시회는
스마트 군수혁신의 핵심테마에 해당되는 제품 및 기술을 집중 조명합니다.
장병 삶의 질 개선
장병 복무의욕 고취를 위한 복지 및 복무여건 개선
급식, MIL-KIT, 전투식량, 전투복, 의료, 안전, 재난 , 보온 등
첨단 군수기술 (스마트 기술)
4차 산업혁명 주요 기술분야를 민,관,군이 상호 협력하여 기술 개발 및 군 적용 추진
드론, UAM, 자율주행, 로봇, 워리어플랫폼, 전기자동차, 웨어러블기기 등
(LVC Liive)
전투훈련환경의 시간적·공간적 제약을 극복하기 위해 과학화 훈련체계 구축으로 ‘상시 실전형 훈련’ 보장 및 부대·개인 전투력 향상
VR/AR, 과학화 훈련장, LVC Live, 과학화 예비군 훈련장, 전투모의훈련 등
스마트 군사시설
첨단기술을 적용한 첨단 군사시설 구축 및 국방자원의 효율적 관리 및 국방운영의 생산성 향상
ICT, AI, IoT, 모듈러 건축, 3D프린팅 건설, 스마트 물류센터, 보안시스템 등